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About Us

AKTICON is a network of specialists in the People and Organization Development space.
We are a ‘no managers’ organization. Just experts in our fields.

AKTICON client facing consultants bring their expertise to the table to create high impact learning that helps you transform your people and your business. If expertise in other areas is required to make an engagement a success - whether it’s artwork, animation, video, audio, web - we draw from an extensive network of specialists we know and trust.

To deliver what you need, when you need it, in the highest quality and with the least amount of headache for you. This set up makes us agile, but more importantly, it ensures that we will never try to sell you something because we’ve got people on the bench we need to keep busy.

Our purpose and our sole goal is to support you with our experience in building the outstanding learning organization you deserve to work in. To create better workplaces. And happier people.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

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"Change before you have to."
Jack Welsh


Learning program Design & Delivery

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You want to
attain – or maintain – a competitive edge. In an
ever-changing world, that means you have to change. Your people have to change. Even your boss has to change. Often.

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Organizational learning programs are most effective in creating this competitive advantage not when they chase the change, but when their aim is to shape the environment proactively.

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Programs with the power to change the people and the organization need to be designed with an interwoven top-down / bottom-up approach.
Deep involvement is crucial.

Whether you need to change a specific behavior of an individual, get knowledge into the minds (and hearts) of a group of people or try to support a large change process by improving skill and/or attitude of your whole organization – we support you to analyze the status quo, define the ideal outcome and create a clear road map on how to get there. And then we’ll deliver against the road map as promised. Or better.
And we will make sure you and your learners love it.

Don’t expect a ‘2 day standard training program’ from us. We’re not repeating the same training program with different clients over and over again. “They” call it subject matter expertise. We call it laziness. In our experience, standard programs rarely ever survive the very specific strategic, competitive, political and emotional landscape of an organization.

Our learning programs are designed to have a transformative impact on people and organization.
We ensure that the change you want to bring about lives on, long after the training is done.
Or in simple words: we make learning stick.

"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught."
Winston Churchill


Learning program Evaluation & Optimization

Humans like to learn. We are built to explore, to learn, to ‘become’, because - as a species - our ‘inner child’ is alive and well (this is called 'neoteny', Really!). Our brains are wired to stray from the beaten path and find out about new things, because we sense that knowing more will somehow benefit us in our life.

This build-in curiosity doesn’t decrease with age – what does decrease is our willingness to have somebody ‘tell’ or teach us something we didn’t ask for. The starting off point of most organizational learning programs however, typically is ‘the company’ (i.e. the boss or HR) telling ‘the employee’ that he or she need learn something. Whether learning and the intended change take root or not, then largely depends on two factors:

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Is the ‘trainer’ able to tap that inner child and connect the topic at hand to the learners’ life?

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Does the organization shape the internal environment in a way that communicates its expectations and supports the change?

Many corporate training programs have little impact beyond the one year mark due to flaws in the basic design & delivery of the program. Whether you design & deliver your programs with internal subject matter experts or hire external vendors for this job, chances are there is room for improvement.

We are subject matter experts in how to ‘help people learn (better)' – and we’d like to support you with our unique expertise. We work with the CLO, OD Director, and/or Learning Manager to evaluate existing program designs as well as the performance of internal or external trainers. Following that evaluation process, we work with you to devise a step by step plan how to up the impact of your programs. This typically includes measures to better embed the program in the organizations DNA as well as 1 on 1 coaching with your trainers during/around their training events to bring out the true learning facilitators in them.


We don’t like the word ‘Trainer’ very much. Lions jumping through burning hoops, anyone?
The ‘good ones’ in the industry (and we include ourselves here) we rather call Learning Facilitators, because that is what we do.

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler."
Albert Einstein


Supporting Learning Technology

In theory, technology is there to make our lives easier. In reality, the opposite is often the case. New technology is often perceived as an additional burden by the user, not as something that is making their daily work easier and more efficient.
This leads to chronic system underutilization in corporate settings.

To put it plainly: many systems are money dumps. Rarely liked and hardly used by their target audience.

When we employ technology to improve learning, we do so with the end user in mind:
“What is the right level of complexity to achieve the desired result?”

Whether it’s a simple eLearning course, a serious game, a multifaceted, blended learning program or the implementation of a customized Learning Management System – we design it with the 3 key motivators for system use in mind:

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Guiding question:

Will this help me in achieving my learning objectives?

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Guiding question:

Do I immediately see and understand what I need to do in order to achieve my objectives?

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Guiding question:

Am I in ‘click through’ hell or is using the system fun to do?

Would you like to discuss your specific requirements - or simply get to know us?
We would love to hear from you.

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